Vehicle spare parts

Need a spare part for your vehicle?

COMAUTO are experts in vehicle equipment and maintenance, offering a wide range of economical spare parts with the same quality as the originals, and you can also have the parts fitted at your nearest authorised workshop.
Take a look through our spare parts range online; to easily find what you’re looking for, just enter your vehicle registration number, or search by brand.

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Specialists in selected used or competitive spare parts

Specialists in selected used or competitive spare parts

Comauto Autodemolizioni boasts over a decade of experience in selecting the best used spare vehicle parts. The components obtained from vehicles before demolition are subjected to rigorous checks, essential to ensure they function properly.
Comauto Autodemolizioni’s specialised operators will help you identify the source of the problem and suggest the best solution to deal with it.
Guide to choosing used spare parts

Guide to choosing used spare parts

Comauto Autodemolizioni offers great value prices and help to find the part you’re looking for, making us one of the leading used spare parts centres in Veneto.
Follow these simple guidelines to save time and help you select the perfect part for your requirements.
Keep your vehicle registration papers handy so you can provide the information required.
If the part you’re looking for has already been dismantled, send us some photos, or at least the code indicated on the part.


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