Who we are

Comauto Autodemolizioni is a solid business that has been operating in the area for over 30 years

Whether you are a private customer, professional, spare parts trader or car showroom dealer, you can rest assured you will find trained, competent and helpful staff here, with whom you can establish a friendly, lasting relationship based on mutual appreciation and trust.
In addition to our highly competitive prices, we are able to offer an efficient service, with comprehensive assistance that also includes a quality assessment of the components.
Here at Comauto you are guaranteed tested, functioning, safe spare parts.
Our fully comprehensive assistance service is able to meet our customers’ every need, which has earned us a benchmark reputation for demolition and the sale of spare parts, achieved thanks to the determination strengthened every day thanks to the many customers who continue to place their trust in our professional competence.


Trade associations and certifications

ADA – Associazione Demolitori Autoveicoli

ADA was established in 1988, with the aim of providing a clear framework of guidelines for the work of vehicle demolition companies, covering the following:

Development, coordination, regulation and defence of the business of vehicle recovery and treatment, collecting as much information as possible and transmitting it to members;
Representation and moral, legal and financial protection of the companies belonging to the association;
Promotion and assistance for companies;
Membership of entities and organisations in the sector;
Promotion of relations between members.

C.A.R. – Confederazione Autodemolitori Riuniti (Vehicle Demolishers Federation)

The Vehicle Demolishers Confederation (C.A.R.) brings together operators in the disused vehicle recovery and treatment sector, defending their interests at local, national and European level before the Institutions and before other partners in the vehicle end-of-life chain.
It was founded by a small number of veteran operators in the sector in November 2007.
The Federation immediately approached the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, of which it is today a member.
It has carried out a variety of activities in defence of vehicle demolishers, also endeavouring to raise awareness of the essential role they play in the community as the “separate waste collectors of the vehicle industry”.


Ecoeuro is a services company offering specific services to industrial, commercial and craft businesses seeking to properly and systematically deal with all the end-of-life issues regarding motor vehicles.
Specifically, it is involved in the research and experimentation of systems for the development and improvement of company operations, paying close attention to maximising productivity while complying with environmental standards.
The Ecoeuro project aimed at the innovation of vehicle end-of-life management systems comprises:
Computerised procedures using management software and electronic communication;
Specific technical consulting with regard to operations and training;
Direct assistance for the management of vehicle disposal centres;
Engagement and synergies with the entire supply chain, from vehicle manufacturers and importers to demolition material handlers;
Consulting, information and training in observance of the environmental regulations governing the sector;
Market studies and research.

ISO 14001: 2015 Certification

ISO 14001 (UNI EN ISO 14001 in Italian) is a certification that can be obtained from an accredited certification body that operates in compliance with a series of established rules and conformity requisites set forth in the standard.
ISO 14001 certification is not mandatory, and is motivated by the desire of a company or organisation to establish, implement, maintain or improve their environmental management system.
The purpose of ISO 14001: 2015 is to certify the management of the system for the safety, demolition and crushing of disused vehicles, trailers and their parts and the recovery of components and materials.
Collection and transport of special and hazardous waste
Sale of used and new vehicle spare parts.